Bfv macros

In BFV how do you have your apex setups so you can call in a V2 rocket/tank ect? if i hold both the buttons the menu never comes up. I also have a titan 2, i was thinking i can just make a script for those functions and assign left/right/up/down buttons ? Let me know how you guys are doing it. Thanks. I have Razer Synapse and you can do Macros on it, my scroll wheel recently broke :( I used to use it for jumping in CSGO so I could string a few bunnyhops together (obviously the game caps your speed once you hit 300 units of speed on your next jump), but it helps massively to do a few hops when peeking with AWP or something. Anyway I was wondering if I create a Macro for Mouse 5 that just ... Dialogic® Brooktrout® Bfv APIs Reference Manual March 2017 931-133-11 Nov 11, 2017 · The script was created by Herotic for PUBG but I modify it to get a perfect recoil for BF1.bobo Ban? No, it's impossible for you to be banned /gewd How to use: 1.Just copy the script on your Logitech software. We just updated our game code and the new BFV Firestorm Hacks have been released to our subscribers!. That’s right the Battlefield V Hacks are online now, our team got our hands on the BFV alpha, so we already made the full BF5 hack.