Can you use a junction box to extend wiring

Thermocouple extension wire should ONLY be used to connect thermocouples to instrumentation, and copper wire should never be used. If you’re wiring a thermocouple into a switch or junction box, the contacts do NOT need to be the same as the thermocouple materials. The best way of using junction boxes to extend a ring circuit, is to find the length of cable between the two sockets on the existing ring closest to the desired extension area. Once located it can be cut in the middle giving two lengths of cable from the existing circuit to use in the extension. Splices in electrical wire that carries electrical current in a building (such as for lights or electrical outlets) must be completed using an approved mechanical connector and must be enclosed in an approved junction box which itself is secured to the structure. In addition, the NEC and other electrical codes specify lots of precise details ... So I thought about installing a junction box so that I could extend the existing cable to the new location. Can anymoe tell me what type of junction box I should use ie; a 50A/500V or 40A/500V Thanks The Dec This document discusses some of the best practices for proper wire management in an Enphase system and some of the products you can use to reduce installation costs and labor time on the roof. Managing Installations with Multiple Sub-Arrays Engage Coupler Chase Junction Box Engage Coupler