Ntp server for router

I noticed that there isn't an option to set an NTP server in the WRT1900AC, and this is problematic in that when looking at the logs from the /sysinfo.cgi, the date/time is rather meaningless. Are there plans to add NTP support to the WRT1900AC? (B) Your router isn't resolving the domain name for the NTP server. Try entering the correct corresponding IP Address in the NTP server field instead of the domain name. If this fixes your problem, you have a DNS issue that will need to be resolved by setting your Local DNS to a valid DNS server IP. In this how-to, we will configure a Windows Server as a NTP server and a Cisco IOS-based router to act as a NTP client. We will also see how to configure the router so it can itself serve as server to other devices, thus acting as an NTP relay. Windows (NTP server) Windows does not ship with any NTP server by default.