Relative roughness calculator

Fig.4 Stylus Roughness Instruments (Instruments shown are similar to the ones used in this study) SURFACE PROFILE DEPTH MICROMETERS. A depth micrometer instrument has a flat base which rests on the surface and a spring-loaded probe which drops into the valleys of the surface profile. Jun 04, 2014 · Using a Moody Stanton chart, with a relative roughness of 0.003 and a Reynolds number of 500,00 a friction factor of about 0.016 can be found. Before we solve for the final equation we need to find the total length of pipe to be used. Dec 02, 2011 · This article will show the table for absolute roughness (different to coefficient of friction) of pipe surfaces of few commonly used materials. The absolute roughness is used in the relative roughness calculation and in the water piping system sizing design calculations through Darcy–Weisbach equation. Average Roughness (Ra) and Mean Roughness depth (Rz) are two different but associated methods to measure roughness. Roughness on a machined surface results from the machining process itself. Type of tool, speed of the tool, machine geometer, and the conditions of the machining environment can all cause roughness. Comparision of Open Channel Flow & Pipe Flow 6) The cross section may be of any from circular to irregular forms of natural streams, which may change along the flow direction and as well as with time. 7) Relative roughness changes with the level of free surface 8) The depth of flow, discharge and the slopes of channel bottom and of the free surface